Made it to the summit!

ALTITUDE for Warriors

(From left to right) Victor H. Bolivar, David Pineda, Rodrigo Carrasco and Franz Calderon

IMG_1584This past Saturday September 23 a team conformed by four (4) ventured towards the Pico Austria located in the department of La Paz, Bolivia at a height of 5,320mt | 17,454ft.
We had as our IRPIRI (Aymara leader guide) Mr. Santos Tincuta through the All Transport adventure company, which took us safely to the top. The weather was not favorable as we had to face snow in a place that by custom should not have snow, but thank God, the support and prayers of many we could under the adverse circumstances reach the top.

Lessons learned

  • IMG_1599Perseverance: one of the members had problems with height, we stopped to adjust, to rest and then continue despite fatigue, headache, shortness of breath and others. God taught us that we must persevere in the midst of the challenges to reach the goal and work together as a team.
  • Teamwork: Although we did not have the complete equipment because of the sudden change of climate that came to us, we managed to improvise and work as a team. Our IRPIRI took us on paths with less snow to avoid slipping and together we worked to step in the same places that those in front where stepping, that way the last ones who had slippery shoes could step safely. We share equipment together, pray and share scriptures together, sing along the way together to God. It was an unforgettable experience!

IMG_1597This adventure was part of training for missionaries and at the same time a preparation stage for the Sajama expedition in May 2018. Please pray for the next adventures on the way, we trust that our God will guide each one of us to prepare better, be trained and help us to be disciples/servants in his Church and missions all over the world.
To Him be the glory!

David Pineda

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