Altitude for Warriors operates under the leadership of David Pineda, based in La Paz, Bolivia and serves as the situational training and development division of The Harvest School. Our support staff in La Paz provides expedition, trekking and extreme sport experiences with the purpose to train in leadership capabilities.

David Pineda

15David has led, train and develop teams in the corporate world. In his previous job at Caterpillar he served in multiple roles, one as the Emergency Response Team Leader for the Panama facility were they successfully prepared and executed their emergency plan in multiple occasions. He also has served as learning manager and responsible of the development for all the divisions in the Panama Service Center. David currently lives in La Paz Bolivia together with his wife Jessica and her two daughters Rebeca (10) and Alison (3), where he has organized and led expeditions to Huayna Potosi (6,088mts/19,973fts) and trekking experiences (The two sisters, devil’s molar and many others) he serves as the lead evangelist of the Disciples of Christ Church and is the current Strategy and Management Director for the Harvest School.

Our IRPIRIS (Pusay in Quechua)

Santos Tincuta (left) has 20 years of experience

Irpiri is the name in Aymara our leaders who guide, in Quechua is Pusay. They have extensive experience climbing in Bolivia and are the professional guides in our adventures. They spends hours during the week in expeditions and have acquired a bast experience in the discipline.

All of our Irpiris (Pusays) are important to our expeditions, they bring a wealth of knowledge to altitude adventures and expeditions.

Situational Leadership Experience (SLE)

IMG_1137To be successful in today’s environment, leaders must learn and practice the principles of Jesus leadership under difficult conditions. Those experiences give life changing lessons that are called “leadership accelerators” Jesus applied them to his disciples (ex. walking on the water, transfiguration and so on). These experiences changed their lives forever, if they are applied in today’s hyper-changing environment we are sure it will give you the opportunity to rise above circumstances. These are the areas we believe “The Situational Leadership Experience” will bring to your life:

  • Strategic thinking – Be ready to… act based on the situation, not your plan.
  • Inspiration – Be ready to… do whatever it takes to reach your goal.
  • Motivation – Be ready to… defeat your fears and don’t let them stop you from doing what you want to do.
  • Empowerment – Be ready to… think of others in your team and yourself as a leader.
  • Communication – Be ready to … form relationships that are vital to reach the top

Curriculum Overview for SLE

IMG_1111One of the most common questions is, “What makes a good leader?” While relatively subjective in nature, this question has served as the impetus for many of today’s most successful and prominent leadership development programs.
In developing the training we have examine the core, common and critical competencies best associated with effective leaders that will fit the right scenario in the “Situational Leadership Experience” in which will work from the inside out leaving a life experience that will work on the character and never be forgotten. These competencies are:

  • Energy – Maintaining consistently high levels of energy; perform with vigor, effectiveness and determination for prolonged periods in the midst of difficulty and changing environments.
  • Tenacity – Maintain focus until the desired goal is achieved or recognize when it can no longer be reasonably achieved and there is a need of change.
  • Tolerance to stress – Maintain stable performance under pressure or opposition (such as time pressure or ambiguity in the environment); manage stress in an acceptable manner.
  • Collaboration – Work effectively and in cooperation with others; establish and maintain good relations with the team.
  • Leading change – Encourage others to seek opportunities to identify different and innovative approaches to address problems and opportunities.

Upcoming Expeditions

Pico Austria (5,320mts / 17,454ft) – May, 26 2018


Upcoming Adventures

  • Huayna Potosi (6,088mts / 19,973ft) – Tentative Date: October 2018
  • Small Alpamayo (5,410mts / 17,749ft) – 2019
  • Sajama Expedition (6,542mts / 21,463ft) – 2019

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Entrenamiento Huayna Potosi-Septiembre 2016

Expedición Huayna Potosi- Mayo 2017

  • Expedition – Pico Austria, La Paz – Bolivia | September 2017

Expedición Pico Austria-Septiembre 2017

For More Information

If you have any questions in regards to the Situational Leadership Experience (prices, dates and requirements) to be part of the expeditions, please contact David Pineda at We would surely try to make the most out of your leadership experience.

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